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What is ATR Certificate?

The ATR Certificate [Admission Temporaire Roulette] grants preferential rates of duty (zero) for imports and exports between the European Union and Turkey that applies under the terms of the Customs Union agreement between the EU & Turkey, which came info effect 31st December 1995.

The intention is that industrial goods can travel between the EU and Turkey without customs restriction.

For all practical purposes, most consumer items are included in this definition.
The ATR applies to all eligible goods [industrial products] except agricultural goods, minerals and steel products.
This certificate provides exemption from customs duties on imports and exports of industrial products, without it, normal non-EU customs tariffs would apply.

Does it have a cost to me?
No. You just need to state that you require ATR Certificate with your order.

How can I include ATR with my order?

You just have to check the "I request ATR Certificate to be prepared and sent with the order" checkbox at the final stage of the order process (see image below). Afterwards, We'll do the rest.

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