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Export Decleration

By clicking ‘‘I accept’’ you agree with the conditions stated below.

  • I (me or my company) will not use or sell the products to end-users or dealers which intend or are suspected to develop, design or manufacture nuclear weapons, missiles, chemical weapons or biological weapons or even conventional weapons by using Mitsubishi Electric's products.

  • In case of suspicion, I (me or my company) will not sell without your (OHM ELEKTRONIK ve TIC. A.S.) prior approval the products to those suspicious end-users or dealers.

  • I (me or my company) will not re-export the products to Wassenaar Arrangement (successor organization of COCOM) controlled countries. If we intend to re-export the products to such countries, I (me or my company) will supply you (OHM ELEKTRONIK ve TIC. A.S.) with the profiles of end-users and obtain the prior approval of the Export Control Authority of the subject country.

  • I (me or my company) are informed about the actual embargo situation and follow these restrictions. It’s my (me or my company’s) responsibility to request this information from OHM ELEKTRONIK TIC. ve A.S. before taking any action.

  • The products will only be delivered to a third person/company on condition that this third party accepts the commitments of the above declaration as binding for itself and on condition that this third party is known to be trustworthy and reliable in the observe of such commitments.

With any un-expected circumstances, I (me or my company) is obliged to accept that I (me or my company) accept the responsibility and any outcomes (legal or monetarial) of the illegal action I (me or my company) took.

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